Create your project

Project information

When you create a new project, you will see the form as displayed below.

This is the information the cache warmer requires to be able to warm your cache of your website. The website can be any type of website, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, … as long as there is caching foreseen.

Project name

The name of your project. This will be used to display your project in the list of your projects

Project url

The url of your project. Use a full url, including http or https like


The description of your project. This will be used in the list of your projects

Url list

Only upload a file here if you wish to use the "CSV file containing URL's" Cache Warmer strategy. The file can be a csv or xml including a full url on every line.

Please note that url's outside of your domain will be ignored.

Google sitemap url

The link to your google sitemap. Fill this in when using the Cache Warmer strategy "Google sitemap"

Cache warmer strategy

Select your prefered cache warmer strategy. When you wish to cache-warm your entire site on every job, the crawler is the best option. However, the crawler will use more of your Cachewarmer requests and a cachewarming job may take longer, depended on how large your site is. You can configure the crawler under "advanced" at the bottom of the page.

Advanced settings

By default, the crawler will skip url's that were already visited during this job. But you might want to add some extra configuration when you have for example an extensive search or pages with a lot of query parameters. It might not be necessary to cachewarm all these pages. Under "Advanced", you can either include or exclude query parameters. Insert query parameters in one line, seperated by a | sign.

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